Lake Bongoria

Hot Springs and Geysers
In Lake Bogoria the geysers and hot springs are the major attractions which are at the central basin of the lake. It has the temperature of close to boiling point and highly mineralized and is believe to be sourced from...

Over 373 species of birds have been recorded in the area including over 50 migratory species making it one of the richest birdlife areas in Kenya Important Bird Areas (IBA). The Lake holds huge congregations of lesser flamingo.

MAMMALS Animal found are the common mammalian like Greater Kudu, Burchell’s Zebra warthogs, Forest hog Impala, Klipspringers, Cape buffalo, Patas Monkeys among others. Predators include genet, serval cat, cite and white tailed mongoose cheetah. 

It has over 210 plant species (53 plant families) in the reserve, which some of the vegetation type area medicinal plants, shrines and sacred site.

The viewpoint offers a panoramic view of the area including the Kiborgoch swamp. Traditional dances and dishes are available at the center on request. The Endorois Community Cultural Center is located near the Reserve head office at Loboi

The Siracho Escarpment that is an extension of the upper catchment’s Laikipa escarpment on the eastern part of the lake with its various gorges and vegetation types is of peculiar aesthetic value. The various rock outcrops hosting the numerous rock.